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Professional Development Services

In an effort to provide California’s school districts with greater access to curriculum-centered and cross content professional development, the University of California Professional Development Institute (UCPDI) is inviting individual school districts and county offices of education to partner in offering our K-12 Professional Development for various Reading/Language Arts, Reading Intervention, and Mathematics curricula. UCPDI hopes to support local implementation efforts by providing a flexible and affordable professional development curriculum that meets the individual needs of each district.


How to Enroll in Institutes

Instructor Institutes

Instructor Applications are available upon request for the following programs: Edge, Inside, ELPD Elementary, ELPD Secondary, and ELPD Bilingual. (Request an Application) In addition to filling out and sending in the application, the applicant must also submit their most current resume along with two letters of recommendation to complete the application process.

Once accepted, enrollment is available online, by phone, or in person. (Application Questions)

Classroom Teacher Institutes

Online enrollment will be available if the UCPDI institute is hosted by UCPDI. If the UCPDI institute is being hosted in conjunction with a district or county office you will need to enroll with the host district/county office. Contact UCPDI for details.


Course Credit Options

UCSD Extension offers quarter units of course credit for a fee to all the participants who successfully complete an academic program. Make sure you have your Enrollment Form signed by the instructor of the institute to ensure a quick and easy enrollment! Forms are made available at the end of each institute by the instructor. Enrollment forms are to be sent directly to UCSD Extension - Student Services - the address is provided on the form. The deadline for enrollment is 3 months after the last session of the institute. For more information click here.

If you didn’t receive an enrollment form after attending an institute and wish to enroll for course credit please contact Meena Akkinepalli.

Requesting Transcripts

Click here for information about how to request a transcript from UCSD Extension.